Northern Lights Tours

South West Iceland

Aurora tours South West Iceland

Available late August – Early April

Watching the Aurora Borealis is an Incredible experience. Iceland is in a great position for full Aurora displays and the incredible, Icelandic nature gives you tenfold viewing pleasure.

The Northern lights depend on clear skies and geomagnetic activity. It is not always possible to witness them on your Iceland trip. The key is flexibility and booking a long trip.

Adventure vs Bus tours

Below we offer 2 type of Aurora tour. The adventure tours run small group tours and only go out with good chances of seeing the Northern Lights, they may be able to offer a different evening if conditions aren’t good on your dates. The bus tours offer repeat tours if you don’t see them, but they will go out in all sorts of weather.


10% Discount for photo tour customers. If you book a private photo tour, you will receive a coupon code with your ticket. This code will give you automatic 10% discount on the Northern lights tours featured here.

Auroras can only be seen in Iceland between late August and Early April.

Northern Lights Adventures

Reykjavik Departure

Aurora Adventures are small group tours. Just like our photo tours they offer a more personal experience away from the crowds. These Aurora tours are flexible with Reykjavik pick up and will only run if conditions for Northern lights viewing is very good.

Arranged in order of most expensive first.

Reykjavik Departures

Experience Northern Lights in Iceland

Experience Northern Lights

Small group Northern Lights & Stargazing tours

This tour heads away from the city lights to where we expect the best Northern lights sightings according to cloud and aurora forecasts. We always try to get away from the other tourists to enjoy the Northern Lights properly. While we wait for the lights at our chosen location, we use our stargazing telescope to look at the planets in our solar system. It is possible to observe their moons far far away.*

Probability of Catching the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights depend on many factors and we can never guarantee them. To see them, we need three things to be good: solar storm from the sun, dark sky and a cloudless sky. Generally your chances are about 50/50, so we only go out when Northern Light activity and cloud forecasts are good. Our viewing rate is 90%.

Optional extrasTripod Rental: does your camera have a tripod mount?Hand Warmers: gives you extra warmth for 5 to 8 hours.

Aurora Tour Schedule

18:30: Confirmation decision based on the latest weather forecast. If we need to cancel due to weather we send you an e-mail.
20:00-20:30 is pick up time (could be later in September or April.
We drive to the best locations according to weather forecasts.
At the location we assess the conditions and decide to stay or move.
While we wait, we observe the heavens through our powerful telescope.*
If the Northern lights do appear, we take photos of you under the aurora.
Once you get cold, we serve hot chocolate and Icelandic donut.
We stay out until midnight, if no lights are seen we extend 30-60 minutes.
We drive back to Reykjavík (30-45 minutes).

  • Tour duration: 3-5 hours
  • Group size: min pax 2, max pax 14
  • Location: Our Northern lights location is decided by weather forecasts.
  • Included: Pick-up, guided tour, stargazing*, hot chocolate & donut, photos of you.
  • Clothing: You need to be prepared to be standing still in sub-zero temperatures. Winter undergarments. Warm, thick sweater (fleece or wool). Thick winter coat and trousers (ski outfit maybe). Winter boots and thick woollen socks. Warm hat and thick mittens. Hand warmers.
    Photography: We take pictures of everyone for free. We can assist with your camera but you need to know your controls and menu.

    *Please note: The Northern Lights, can’t be guaranteed. Stargazing success depends on cloudiness and wind. Some planets depend on Earth’s position in relation to the Sun.

    Private Northern lights on a superjeep

    Northern Lights on superjeep

    Super Jeep

    Our ancestors said that the tighter the grip of the night‘s frost, the Northern lights will have more vibrant colour. Winding and dancing over our heads, Auroras are usually lime but white, red and pink lights can also be seen.

    The Northern Lights tour in Iceland depends on the weather conditions and clear sky and we reserve the right to cancel. If the Northern Lights tour goes ahead and Auroras are not seen, you can try the next time for free!

    Book your Northern Lights tour for the first night to get the best chances of seeing the northern lights. Please note that the group can grow if we’ve had to cancel several nights before. We try to find Northern Lights for everyone!

    Reykjavik pick-up

    Pick-up is from Reykjavik Hotels. This tour lasts 3-4 hours. Free pick-up from your hotel in the capital area begins at 20:00.

    From 15/09 – 31/09 and 15/03 – 15/04. The pick up starts 21:00 due to a longer day.

    Duration:3-4 hours

    Book your Northern Lights tour for your first night to improve your chances of catching Northern Lights.

    We make a decision around 17:00 before the tour if the tour is confirmed or cancelled.

    Tour includes
    Pick up and Drop off at your Reykjavík Hotel.

    You need to bring
    Warm clothes and sturdy shoes.

    Cancellation policy
    Fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 2 days or less before event

    Private Northern lights on a superjeep

    Aurora hunting by superjeep

    If you are hoping to get the most out of your stay in Iceland, we are local guides years of experience hunting the Aurora. Our tours only go out if we think there are excellent chances and we have a 90% success rate. Modified Super Jeep make light work of heavy snow and mountain tracks. Nothing is a problem in our search for the Northern Lights.

    Reykjavik pick-up

    Pick-up is from Reykjavik and as we head away from the city lights, the driver will give you information and useful photography tips about the Northern Lights. We choose the best locations available each time and try to avoid places where there might be other buses. This way, you can see the Northern lights without being disturbed from other groups. We may change locations later on if we think it will yield better results. You can expect to travel for up to 1 hour.

    Duration:4 hours

    Book your Northern Lights tour for your first night for the best chances of seeing Northern Lights.

    Photographing the Northern Lights
    It is very important to have a tripod to photograph the Northern Lights on your camera. We can lend you one if you don’t have one.

    We can help you set up your camera but we don’t know all types. We advise you to learn your camera settings and make all the settings before the tour.

    If you don’t have your own camera we have ours and we take photographs of the Northern lights on the tour. We will photograph you under the lights and send them to you the next day for free.

    To keep you warm,we bring hot chocolate to warm you up.

    Tour includes
    Pick up and Drop off at your Reykjavík Hotel. Guidance in English. Hot chocolate. A tripod.

    You need to bring
    Warm clothes and sturdy shoes.

    Small group Aurora hunt

    Small group Aurora hunt

    This Northern Lights tour will include you in a hunt for the Aurora borealis. In the winter, the Northern lights, can be seen in the nights sky. These guides have a lot of experience predicting aurora conditions and will try hard to give you an incredible Northern Lights experience.

    The Aurora can burn various colours depending on active solar events. Their appearance can’t be guaranteed. If Northern light conditions are not great, the tour is delayed until they improve.

  • Duration:2 hours

  • Northern lights tour includes

    Guide & light snacks.

    You need to bring

    Warm outdoor clothing, hiking shoes, waterproof jacket, hat and gloves.

    Northern Lights Bus tours

    Reykjavik Departure

    Enjoy cheaper ways to see the Aurora by bus (or boat). Many of these bus tours offer a free second tour if they are unsuccessful. This could be your best option if you have limited time and limited budget.

    Reykjavik Departures


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