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Here we feature a collection of sightseeing tours and activities in the Westfjords of Iceland. Activities in this area allow travelers to get away from it all.


The Westfjords of Iceland feature some of Iceland’s oldest landscapes and deepest fjords. Small towns dot the coastline with the capital being Isafjordur. Two airports, one in the North and one in the South handle domestic flights from Reykjavik and other major towns.
Arnarfjordur Westfjords sightseeing

Driving in the Westfjords can feel like flying. Driving in and out of the fjords is time consuming. It is not for people in a hurry. Being in the Westfjords is the perfect cure for stress. Some of the richer Vikings settled in the Westfjords because it was the part of Iceland that most resembled their Norwegian homeland.

Bolungarvik viewpoint


Arnarfjordur bay

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