South Coast

Iceland’s South coast sightseeing tour will try to ensure quality time at major (and a few minor) parts of Iceland’s dramatic South Coast.


Skogafoss Sightseeing tours spend quality time at Skogafoss to give you a change to explore the waterfall from both the ground level and the upper floor. There are a wide varieties of scene to be found on the ground just by following the river towards the falls.

Bus tours will be limited to ensure comfort and to avoid overcrowding at locations. Smaller groups tours are more flexible with time and our professional guides will have the opportunity to spend time to assist you with your sightseeing. Get a private tour for a little extra.

The Vik area offers several key areas for visitors. The black sand beaches and rock formations are fantastic opportunities for travelers who are there at the right time. Many sightseeing tours ensure you quality time to go exploring and relax while you do your own thing. Or get some geology info from professional guides.

Sightseeing tours often visit this last. Although it is not as big and impressive as Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss is famous because it is possible to walk behind it. For the traveler this means an infinity of possible experiences.

Seasons: Running all year.

Summer: This Iceland sightseeing tour could make the best of evening in Summer. This trip may involve shooting through the night hours (20.00-02.00). Tours may revert to regular hours towards September.
Winter: Regular morning starts from 07.30 – 09.30 for most of the Winter.

If you want to spread the cost of traveling to Iceland, this is a great way to be introduced to some great locations by our partners of Iceland sightseeing guides.

Book a sightseeing tour of the South Coast with our travel partners


Iceland Aurora News

  • Iceland Safe Travel News
    Summary issued 15th November 2016 Freezing temperatures and icy roads in the next few days. Strong winds and blowing snow South of Vatnjokull can decrease visibility. Low level crampons recommended at Iceland's sightseeing locations due to slippery paths. Full crampons required for serious hiking. Avalanche risk in Eastfjords and Westfjords.
  • Northern Lights: Red Alert
    Strong Auroras likely issued 8th Nov 2017
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