Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Activities

Mýrdalsjökull is Icelandic for “Mire Valley glacier”. Mýdalsjökull is a glacier in the south of Iceland North of Vík & next door Eyjafjallajökull. The Fimmvörðuháls pass is a hiking route between the two glaciers.

Glacier activities take place either on an accessible tongue called Sólheimajökull or via a mountain road close to Sólheimajökull which ascends the mountain to a low part of the glacier.

The dome shaped glacier covers a large strato volcano named Katla. The volcano has a diameter of 6 mile caldera & she usually erupts every 40–80 years. Katla’s previous eruption was in 1918. Scientists continuously monitor the volcano. Katla is close to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which erupted in April 2010 causing travel disruptions around the world.

Locals feared traveling across the plains in front of the glacier before the number 1 highway was completed, because of the regular glacial floods called jökulhlaups. The glacial flood after the Katla volcanic eruption of 1918 extended the beaches by 3 miles.

Mýrdalsjökull is a very wet location, with regular precipitation of rain or snow each year.

Mýrdalsjökull Activities