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Icelandic Horses

There is only one type of horse in Iceland – the Icelandic Horse. They are very special because they are direct decedents from the viking horses that came over with the settlers 1000 years ago. Their breed has been kept pure and they are isolated from all other horse breeds. Icelandic horses are thought of as the original European breed.

Icelandic horses create a special experience for horse tourists. The “Tölt” is a unique gait and has become a sought after experience for horse tourists. Horses are bred for their ability to Tölt and Icelander hold regular tölting events. Icelandic horses can run on ice. This is another unique trait.

Horses can be seen any time of the year in Iceland because 90% are kept outside full time. They are said to be tough down to -25 c. Icelandic horses have a special relationship with humans because during the Winter the horses are dependent on humans. This makes them a very friendly breed.

Icelandic horse

They are similar in height to a pony but must not be called the “P” word. A pony cannot do what these horses can do.

Special dates in the Icelandic calendar include the horse round up when horses are brought back from the mountains after the Summer.

Horse riding South & West


Horse riding North & West


Icelandic horse
Horse riding in Iceland

RSS Iceland Aurora News

  • Weather & Travel news: Iceland
    Summary issued 17th Jan 2018 Snow forecast for the North, but no significant weather expected for the next few days.  Slippery conditions at many popular tourist spots.  Light crampons recommended. High level avalanche warnings in the Fjords.
  • Iceland travel & weather news
    Summary issued 10th Jan 2018 Very heavy winds expected tomorrow with dangerous gusts in the South West and blizzards later in the day. Storm in the North during the night. Friday another storm expected in all regions. Please check conditions before travel on these days. Strong avalanche warnings in the fjords.
  • Amber alert – Auroras likely
    Northern Lights Alert issued 5th Dec 2017 There is a high change of catching Northern lights over the next few nights. Clear conditions are necessary for good views. They should be visible, equally in all parts of Iceland given the right conditions for clear skies.

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