Golden Circle

The Golden Circle sightseeing tour offers sightseers the chance to explore some of Iceland’s most famous landmarks.


The site of the worlds first parliament is also the site where we can see Europe and America physically drifting away from each other. Politically or geologically, this place makes you think.

Walk between the continental plates and see a beautiful waterfall.

Visit sites of execution.


Bus tours will be limited to ensure comfort and to avoid overcrowding at locations. Smaller groups are more flexible with time and guides will have the opportunity to spend time to assist you. Get the feel of a private tour for a bit extra.

Watching the erupting Geyser is a lot of fun, but getting the best results requires having the time to see a few eruptions and shop for souvenirs.

Contre-Jour Geysir

Fast shutter with powerful back-lighting


1 second shutter for interesting result

Seasons: Running all year.

Summer: These Iceland sightseeing tours could make the most of evening in Summer. The trip may involve sightseeing through the evening hours (20.00-02.00). They may revert to regular hours towards September.
Winter: Regular morning starts from 07.30 – 09.30 for most of the Winter.

These sightseeing tours will take you around this well established sightseeing route at a fair pace.


At Gullfoss – the Golden waterfall – you can usually get access to stand on the edge of the canyon and feel the force of the glacier river as it plunges to a depth you can’t see. There are some great views from some of the higher view points also and a friendly cafe at the top car park. On a clear day you can see Kerlingarfjöll in the center of Iceland and Langijökull – Iceland’s second largest glacier.

If you want to spread the cost of traveling to Iceland, this is a great way to be introduced to some great locations by our sightseeing specialist partners.

Book a sightseeing tour of the Golden Circle with our travel partners


Iceland Aurora News

  • Iceland Safe Travel News
    Summary issued 15th November 2016 Freezing temperatures and icy roads in the next few days. Strong winds and blowing snow South of Vatnjokull can decrease visibility. Low level crampons recommended at Iceland's sightseeing locations due to slippery paths. Full crampons required for serious hiking. Avalanche risk in Eastfjords and Westfjords.
  • Northern Lights: Red Alert
    Strong Auroras likely issued 8th Nov 2017
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