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This is not a regular links page, there is no reciprocal link exchanges going on, this is purely a list of links that may help you proceed on your journey into DSLR territory.

Review sites


Gives very thorough reviews on the big name cameras. This should be your first stop if you are thinking of buying a popular piece of equipment. Also gives a lot more peer to peer reviews on popular camera equipment.


This is a peer led review site. Reviews are made by people who have bought the item you are researching. Some people are experts and some are beginners, judge for yourself if you want to trust the source.


I first came across this site when I was checking out the Canon 17-40 f/4.0L

Here is the link to their lens sharpness test for that lens:

How does it work? Along the bottom there is a slide which adjusts the focal length of the lens (17mm – 40mm) up the side you can adjust the apurture. As you change these settings, watch the colours in the 3D grid. When it is purple, there is zero blur – perfect sharpness. from playing with these sliders it seems that the Canon 17-40 f/4.0 L is best at 40mm with an f/8 aperture.




This site does a whole load of graphic tutorials, the theme is mostly graphic design, but there is some photoshop stuff in there too.


The Russell Brown Show is a large collection of photoshop tutorial videos which you can download and keep for reference.


Julieanne Kost the Digital Imaging Evangelist Evangelist offers a huge range of photoshop effects and re-touching techniques on her website. Spread the word.


Offering photoshop tutorials and plugins.


Offering very advanced photoshop techniques for photos and graphics.

A good place to get honest critique on your work. Not the friendliest place on the web though!


Action Central is a great resource for free and paid photoshop actions. Photoshop actions are a great way of learning about photoshop.


A comprehensive collection of photography related news and blogs collected from twitter feeds.

How to photograph the stars, moon, and Milky Way: a beginner’s guide to night landscape & astrophotography. Check out this comprehensive five chapter guide by Lisa Row.

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