Magic Cloth photography


Magic Cloth Photography

Please find below a bunch of Magic Cloth Photography tutorials. They are in no particular order at the moment, but I hope to be categorising everything later.

Where to start

The original article gives you an introduction to the technique, but as the art requires physical movement, it is so much easier to watch one of the Videos to begin with. It is a very simple idea, but whenever I try to write about it it seems very complex. So my strong recommendation is to watch the videos and then use the blog tutorials as a reference.


Godafoss red rocks


Tony’s Magic Cloth Technique

The Magic Cloth Technique involves controlling the amount of exposure to different parts of a scene during a long exposure.

Ansel Adams – magic card

In one of the last interviews with Ansel Adams he expressed excitement over the possibility of digital photography.

Suburban Aurora

I constantly advise photographers to get out of the city and away from the city lights to get the best aurora images. But, seeing as I am here, I thought I would give the challenging conditions a try.

Magic Cloth and Milky Way

Milky way images are stunning, but what you see on the front page of 500px is usually the result of careful camera and lens choice…

Magic Cloth Image focus

Here I focus on Magic Cloth images to help you understand the whole process. Each image is presented with the background story, composition and focus considerations and, of course, Magic Cloth Technique.

Video Tutorials

Watch them here of see the Magic Cloth YouTube Playlist for more.

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