Fascinated by photography

Intrigued by digital technology

Captivated by the power of photoshop

Hello my name is Tony Prower (Brackley).

I have been shooting landscapes in Iceland for 10 years and with these tutorial pages, I intend to share my learning as it happens with pictures and examples. Photography has carved a path through my life here in Iceland. The landscape, nature and people have inspired me to pursue my photographic dreams, while at the same time “photography” has inspired me to look closer.

As a life long student, I enjoy the endless challenges brought not only by photography, but the photography business and updates from the camera designers. My 10 years here has taught me endless photographic and non-photographic skills, hopefully I can share some of this with you. As my background is in Psychology and teaching, it seems natural that I investigate some of the mind processes that might make or break a shot. I hope that my blog posts on the Psychology of Photography will inspire you to look deeper in the visual/ cognitive processes involved in this fascinating endeavor, that is photography.

Hopefully, you will subscribe and come with me…

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Aurora borealis at Jökulsárlón


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