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One of those scenes where you wish you had a zoom, instead I had to grab this with my 24mm from a distance. Seconds later the sky was very different. The 24mm at least gives intimate detail in the snow clad grass.

A favourite location on one of our Photo tour locations.

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The Magic Cloth Photography Technique

The Magic Cloth Technique involves restricting the level of exposure to different areas of a scene within an extended exposure. The Magic Cloth technique was born out of the need to get the picture right in the camera but to still boost the dynamic range of a scene.


  • ND (Neutral-Density) Filters
  • The ND filter is only to lengthen the exposure. You may get silky waterfalls or wave activity
  • Dark Material or card (bigger compared to the front of lens and using a straight edge)
  • Settings

  • Long shutter speed – around 10 second for routine use, no less than 2 sec. (to attain this you’ve to shoot when it gets dim or use a dark filter.)
  • Compensate 2 stops over compensation (liveview) or 3 stops over (without live-view).
  • Magic Cloth Photography

    Some more Long Exposure tips…


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    “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”
    — Diane Arbus

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    Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland.

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