This is a review of the the products and services offered by the company Stivasoft: the web experts.

Several years ago I started a business relationship with stivasoft as I purchased a booking calendar script through phpjabbers. I wanted some customisation work on the calendars to allow customers to select multiple dates and to share their photo tours with other passengers. They were happy to oblige and soon delivered a script which worked. As my business grew I needed to connect the availability calendar to a payment gateway and stivasoft obliged again delivering the calendar with credit card integration.

Although the script was delivered both times as ordered, there were a few worrying issues. At one time I was assessing changes and asked if there was an alternative way to achieve what they were trying to do. I was a bit shocked to get a negative emotional response accusing me of accusing them. I backed off wearily.

Over the next few years I had to open a few tickets to tweak the script or request changes. Each time, this cost me money. If the script is old they wont touch it for free. I accepted this and was always quick to pay their fees totaling around $1000 USD over the years.

About 6 months ago, I asked for some new features to be added to the availability booking calendar, such as accommodation and asking for customer’s nationality. They sent me a price, I quickly paid and they promised 30 days delivery time. 35 days later I asked them if the script was ready. I wasn’t rude or complaining, there could have been a genuine reason for the late response. They told me it would be another 5 days without any explanation.

Finally the script was delivered 10 days late, but there were problems. If customers tried to pay they were directed to an error page. I contacted stivasoft and they said the issue was with the payment gateway. Stivasoft told me that the credit card gateway had changed their codes and this is why the calendar wouldn’t work. I contacted the credit card gateway who told me that the error was definitely with the booking script. I wrote to Stivasoft again, but they ignored me for a week. Customers were complaining that they couldn’t pay. I was close to loosing these customers. After a week, Stivasoft wrote back explaining that they had left the availability booking calendar in “Test mode”. They corrected the issue and I finally had the product I had ordered.

But, I was far from happy. Why would this company who had taken a lot of my money over the years treated me like this? I am talking about being ignored for a week while customers were unable to use the product. To me this was an unacceptable way to treat a valued customer. While my script was broken, I was forced to look elsewhere to find an alternative booking system.

I would advise you to do the same if you are considering Stivasoft. There are so many scripts that are much more useful for great deal less. When you buy a script from StivaSoft, you have to take into account the costs of further maintenance and the chance of being treated poorly – even if you are a good customer.

Also, having 6 StivaSoft calendars on my site was a load. This required separate css and javascripts to load for each calendar – slowing down my site and deterring more customers.

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