This is Kviárjökull, one of the glacier tongues coming down from Örafæjökull Volcano. The volcano is the second largest in Europe and the glacier is the oldest. The area is a huge ancient glacier landscape with giant moraines from 1000s of years of glacier movement.

Taken on July 22, 2016


  • ƒ/16
  • 24 mm
  • 4 sec
  • 100


Canon EOS 5D Mark III
EF24mm f/1.4L II USM

Medium weight Gitzo
6 stop B&W ND filter
Magic Cloth = Black sleeve of my fleece.

Glacier Landscape

Magic Cloth

Because this is Summer day time, I was struggling to get extra shutter time. I am down to 100iso and 6 stop ND. Even at f/16 and 2 stops over I am only getting 4 seconds. This only ever going to be a very simple down and up.


  • 2 second delay/timer
  • downward karate chop asap
  • slowly and smoothly raise the cloth over the remaining 3 seconds

The magic cloth has really helped the exposure of the foreground. I had practice on my previous compositions, so I understood the timing for the sky. That smooth raising of cloth has created a nice graduation over the landscape and protected the highlights on the glacier.

This was achieved in 1 attempt.

Post processing

Unprocessed image

Glacier Landscape

Untreated camera RAW.

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