A topic my customers regularly discussed was the issue of catching colours and the huge differences between what they witnessed and what their camera recorded. The main difference was the increased colours captured by a long exposure compared to the 1 or 2 colours actually seen.

Iceland Aurora

You will see lots of pictures of the Northern Lights, but it is the ones with colour which can’t fail to impress. The colour tends to dominate that green line which normally dominates aurora photographs, or should I say green line aurora photographs dominate? This article is all about increasing your chances of a colourful result, but before we get there, let’s have some guesses from you.

What do you think are going to be the 3 main things to do to get colourful auroras?

Meanwhile I am waiting a response from Reykjavik Lawyer

Guðmundur Jónsson hdl.

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We hired this lawyer Icelandic Law Firm to act for Iceland Aurora. But more about Guðmundur Jónsson here.

I have recently discovered that all that driving on photo tours has been crippling me. In the 4 years running the tours I have driven quarter of a million kilometers. After long tours I was always with my feet and ankles in a mess for several days. I am not sure if “Driving” is the cause, but it is certainly hurting my condition, whatever that is. I love driving and this has been quite devastating for me. I am having to rethink my career in the mean time, see if I can make a living doing something that doesn’t involve driving.

Because of all the stress of dealing with lawyers as well as the desperation of not knowing my son who is now 4 and a half. The Icelandic Government are doing NOTHING to help the child law change. The Icelandic Child law is a lie. It says “a child has the right to know both parents”, but this is not true. The law should be changed because a child does not have the right to know both parents. How can the Icelandic government know that one of their laws is a lie and choose to act slowly?

… and then I go and get the worst haircut of my life. Maybe it was my fault because I sat there complaining about the Icelandic tourist board for half an hour. I said “No clippers”, only scissors please!! The worst clipper job up the sides of my head, wont be going back to that Reykjavik Hairdressers again. So now I can’t drive and I am afraid to go out because of my Russian hitman haircut.

Please excuse me while I express… BOLLOCKS!!!!

It was like those young Italians at the campsite in Höfn. My car had broken down so I pitched a tent in this East Iceland town. I went off to find something to eat and had some beers with some old friends, including Aurora hunter Ronnie. Ronnie gave me a lift back to the campsite and we sat and watched these young guys setting up really close to my tent. When I approached, I was completely surrounded by young Italians who were not quiet. Their tents were so close, their ropes were touching my guy ropes. I got there first and I had a nice modest space.  For several tents to squeezed so close to mine was really bloody rude… and I told them!!

My second car breakdown this Summer has equaled the value of the vehicle in repairs. It is a good job I can no longer drive, or I would be really upset.

So what about the colour?

This is about the colour!

Oh no it isn’t!!

Oh yes it is!!


Did you ever see the movie “Crossroads” about a blues guitarist who meets the devil at the crossroads to sell his soul, or not. 1980 something. A famous line from the movie, “you’ve got to live the blues if you want to play the blues”. Well this is my blues, I need to invent another way of getting to this lagoon, like our Winter workshops (the only chance I am going to have this Winter 🙁 – ). Guys, if you want shots like these, you’ve got to suffer, maybe your credit card will become heavier or your wallet becomes lighter, hopefully that is all the suffering you need to do. Hopefully, I am going through this so you don’t have to.

So what did you think were the 3 things I was going to say? Would you like some technical help?

3 top tips for colourful aurora photographs

  1. Really dark night
  2. Experiment with iso and shutter speed
  3. Processing techniques

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