I bet you thought I was referring to you!

We are all ageing, but only about half of us acknowledge it. If you are one of the acknowledging, you will probably be in your later years and it is you, this article is for.

So let’s look at the steps in photography which will help you to your grave more peacefully…

Tripods. Love them or hate them, the tripod is the landscape photographer’s ultimate tool. Think of the legs on your tripod, those joints are like your knees and if you can move them up and down, you should. Just think of your tripod as practice for your Zimmer Frame days.

Consider all the various movements you have to perform to get your camera in the right position. Those trunk and leg muscles getting from the car to the spot, then knees and hips as you set up your tripod. The final corrections to the tripod head to get your composition just right and your picture straight and true are fine motor skills for your fingers. Photography is like a form of Yoga.

Consider the “Zen – like” actions of photography; waiting, looking, listening, waiting more. Photography is a “Guilt-free” pastime, as we age we try to fill our lives with “Guilt-free” activities because we realise that this is the path towards “Peace of Mind”. When you start taking pictures, you will find an obvious benefit to being in the moment, there is no pull of the mind towards your relationship battles or financial struggles.

Lenses are wonderful investments and as you eyes grow dim and you cannot see, the pleasing results from a quality lens used correctly will help you forget about your fading vision.

Cameras are toys. So photography is a great excuse for having a toy at your age.

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