I was taking passengers around the South Coast on a photo tour. At Skógafoss, my customers asked to use the bathroom. There are public toilets at Skógafoss, but my customers wanted to buy a drink. The restaurants and shop were closed for the winter so I suggested that there was a cafe at the Skóga museum.

I have taken customers to the Skóga museum many times.

The transport section of the museum holds the cafe and unfortunately it was closed but the Skóga museum was open and I suggested that they might be able to buy a drink in there.

While my customers were using the toilets, the Museum curator came out and approached me in the car park. I was surprise that she launched into a reprimand… You are responsible as a guide, she said, you shouldn’t bring people here to us the toilet.

I don’t accept this critisism because of all the times I have brought paying visitors to the museum and not once received thanks. Based on their level of hospitality, I wont be bringing customers there again.

Why should I risk receiving another reprimand in the car park?

but don’t expect great hospitality!

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