This article will attempt to provide readers with a over view of my approach to photography as an art form, business and hobby. As photography has become a huge part of my life, I feel justified in formulating an artist statement, ethical code and philosophy.

Still undecided!

I was toying with the idea of not allowing my photographs to be used for commercial purposes unless they were promoting photography or Iceland. But then I get a call from Apple Computers. They were interested in using an Aurora shot for their website. I was seriously excited, but it made me think whether I should limit commercial use of my images. Hypocrite springs to mind.

So I want to make money from my images. It makes me happy to sell an image and it is fun spending money.

As a tour operator and workshop instructor, my conduct is generally mild mannered. Sometimes I am a little wild, but my party days are well and truly over. I do many tours with various ethnic groups, such as East Asian, Indian and Canadian customers. My manner has to be considerate. In conclusion, my conduct needs to be monitored with regards to the environment.

I need to ensure that my business is sustainable. I cannot afford to allow any damage to the landscape which provides my living. I need to be careful where I drive my Jeep, I need to ensure that my guests take their litter home. I need to be as economical as possible with fuel.


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