Iceland photographer has a rant about litter.

Famous for its unspoilt nature, until party humans arrive and spoil this nature lovers heaven.

Famous for its Blue Ice, this location can now boast blue litter. This discarded envelope corner makes a pleasant edition to the natural environment.

Unspoilt nature is what many people come to Iceland for. If you have visited some of Iceland’s treasures, you may have noticed that there are no litter bins. This is because we are asking you to take your litter home with you. Unfortunately, the absence of little bins causes some people to believe that the ground is the only other option.

Empty drinking bottle adds a delicious pink flavour to my shot. I can now sit back and enjoy a much fuller colour palette in my natural landscape images.

The unspoilt nature is now and will be for a long time, a very valuable asset which will attract millions of visitors. This in turn will boost Iceland’s economy to an enviable level. Tourist entering the country, spending money, and leaving with nothing but photographs and memories.

If future visitors are to behave like this then I would rather they didn’t come.

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