is a new global photography resource aimed at traveling photographers.

A new photography resource directory aims to feature photography related resources around the globe to global photographers. main focus is the google map where visitors can view photography resources and services in any area. photography resource
The website, is the brainchild of photographer Tony Prower. The name is a play on the word “Geotag”, meaning a location marker for website content and “Tog” a short term for “PhoTOGrapher”.

The new directory aims to provide photographers with local information regardless of where they are in the world. The directory, of course, needs content to work. So… get over there and add your permanent link for free. When your link is live you will be able to share the information on your preferred social network, such as Twitter, Facebook, linked-in and more.

The resource doesn’t have to be your own, so if you know of any photography resources in your area which might prove useful to photographers, please feel free to add their information.

Directory categories are:

  • place of interest – viewpoints, museums etc
  • tours – local photo tours
  • workshops – instructor led photo workshops

local services

  • hotels – even photographers need somewhere to sleep
  • restaurants – gotta eat!
  • Transport – local transport services


  • books – photography books or travel guides
  • websites – local photographer portfolios, discussion forums, photo blogs, etc

Photography services

  • photographer – add your local contact info
  • camera-clubs – local/global clubs and societies
  • camera-stores – for cameras, lenses, developing, hire etc
  • studios – photo studios

Add your link to the directory and share your photography resource with Global Photographers.

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