Iceland Photography from Jökulsarlon

Magic Cloth

Magic Cloth Photography

This was my first ever Magic Cloth photo. It was taken around midnight in June on the banks of Jökulsarlon. In an attempt to photograph Iceland without HDR, I took a modest filter budget to the local photography store in Iceland. I could only afford a Lee holder, so I bought a good quality ND filter and developed this technique. The technique involves merely covering the sky for part of the exposure.

Long exposure

The exposure is 30 seconds and as I started exposing I simply brought my cloth down over the front of the lens – very slowly. The effect is that the bottom half of the image has much more exposure than the top half of the image. This required a few attempts because the large ice berg was actually moving very slowly.


The glacier lagoon at Jökusarlon is the largest glacier lagoon in Iceland. Jökulsarlon is also the deepest lake in Iceland. Boat cruises frequent the lagoon in the Summer and the bird life is amazing for photographers. In the Winter, the lagoon enjoys some of the best photographic light.

It is such a treat to have such a full colour sky and the great reflections in the lagoon.

Photography is amazing in Iceland.

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