my good friends Quentin has just published his first detective novel. It is set in Iceland and features Officer Gunnhildur who is a regular police woman who stumbles upon a murder trail which goes deeper than most would feel comfortable with. Frozen Assets is set in the months leading up to the collapse of the banks in Iceland that paralysed the country’s economy at a time when this little society was already polarised by a whole raft of issues.

The book is the first part of a series of 3 and can be purchased here (US version):
Frozen Assets

The English version is called Frozen out and can be found here:
Frozen Out

More information about Quentin Bates can be found here:
Quentin Bates - by Tony Prower

This portrait of Quentin was taken by me on the old harbour in Reykjavik (just seconds before my alternator failed).

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