Glacier ice at Jokulsarlon

Blue ice at Jokulsarlon Ice beach which looks like a good night Gracie, but actually it is a good morning Gracie. This Winter photo was taken on the ice beach at Jokulsarlon on a photo tour at Sunrise. The blue of the glacier ice works well against the black sand and glowing sky. Winter Sunrise occurs out to sea in South Iceland, so we are often greeted with a colourful back drop to the Glacier ice.

Witness more Ice and Auroras on our Photo Workshops with Tony Prower. On our photo workshops we practice many landscape techniques for composing, focusing and exposing glacier ice. The most interesting approach is a long exposure technique called the Magic Cloth Technique. These 5 day photo workshops include 3 – 4 attempts to photograph the Sunrise at Jokulsarlon.

Although the ice beach can be included on a Jokulsarlon Day tour, we strongly advise a 2 or 3 days on a Multi-day photo tour.

“Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.”
— Ambrose Bierce

Iceland Facts

Vatnajokull glacier in Southeast Iceland is the largest glacier in Europe.

Facts about glaciers

Glaciers are massive pieces of ice that ‘flow’ like slow rivers. They evolve over hundreds of years where snow compacts & turns into ice.

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Photo tours which visit Ice Beach

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