Northern Lights Photo Tours

Northern lights – Aurora Borealis

Standing under a Northern Lights display will give you a burning sensation in your stomach. Similar to being in love for the first time, a good Northern Lights experience is something you will never forget. Capturing the Northern lights in a photograph will take your relationship with Lady Aurora to a deeper level.

Evening tours from Reykjavik

Join one of our talented photo guides in South West Iceland when Aurora conditions are very good with at least 70% chance of viewing. We use local knowledge, experience and aurora hunting technology our aim is to get you to great spots away from the city lights and away from the tour buses. We offer a quality tour with experienced photo guides who are just as keen as you to get fantastic aurora shooting in the best possible locations. Our guides are experienced instructors with years of experience on Iceland photo workshops. All levels of photographer can benefit from their assistance.

Red star aurora

Red star aurora

Meet the Guides

Our team of experienced aurora hunters.

Our photo guides are hand picked for their combination of guiding and photography skills, Icelandic winter driving experience and professional service. Our guides are licensed Iceland Tour Operators.

We all have several years experience chasing auroras and have been published internationally as well as in Iceland.

Olgeir Andresson

Aurora Legend

Bragi Kort

Photo guide


Workshop instructor

Siggi William

Photo guide


Photo guide / instructor

Pall Jökull

Photo guide

Rafn Sig

Photo guide

Duration and times

Tours will be 4 hours (flexible) and will only normally happen if there appears to be 70% or more chances of catching auroras… although you can negotiate with your guide. Tours normally leave around 20.00, but this needs to be discussed with your guide.

We can’t guarantee aurora viewing, even with good visibility and a strong forecast.

Book Now!

Northern lights tour with a professional photographer guide. These tours are run with small groups 2 – 8 guests so you can expect some time with one2one photography assistance during the tour.


Single tickets cover 1 person & twin tickets cover 2 people. A group of 3 should buy 1 x Single and 1 Twin ticket. Bookings with 4 or more can be private tours.


  • Pick-up & drop-off from your Reykjavik Hotel.
  • Flexible dates if you want to pick the best conditions.
  • Pro photo instruction.
  • Our photographers can take photos of you and send web sizes images*.
  • (*High resolution images may cost extra.)

Northern lights cannot be viewed during Summer. Tours run 20th August – 15th April.

For more information, please see our Northern Lights FAQs.

How it works

After booking you will be connected to a guide. They will check Northern lights forecast and cloud cover on the afternoon of the day & arrange a tour if photography conditions are good. If you choose flexible dates, your guide will advise you on the best evening to hunt Auroras.


Discounts are 10% on all Northern lights tours if you book a private photo tour. Your coupon code will be delivered with your photo tour ticket. Enter the coupon code for automatic 10% discount.

5% Early bird

discount automatically applies if you book 90 days ahead!!

Discounts cannot be used in conjunction and only apply to tours paid on time.

If you are having issues with this form, please use the
Contact Form.

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Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100.0% is charged if cancelled 4 hour(s) or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 10.0% is charged if cancelled 1 day(s) or less before the event

These charges apply if you make firm arrangements for pick-up and then cancel – this is also shown on the booking form. If your photo guide offers a tour, but it doesn’t suit your plans, there is no charge and a full refund is given if a tour can’t be arranged to suit you.

100% refund if we cancel for any reason.

Northern Light on ice

Northern Light on ice

Perfect aurora storm

Perfect aurora storm

StarDust Aurora

Northern lights & Ice from Iceland We are billion year old carbon. Yes, we all come from stars. Maybe this is why we love Northern lights and volcanoes so much. Magic cloth and Northern lights photography on the Glacier Lagoon at Jökulsarlon. Magic Cloth The Magic...

Northern Lights Goddess

Aurora over Jökulsarlon This Northern lights photo is called "Goddess of Love" and maybe you can also see the face of a Love Goddess in hologram behind the Aurora? Ephemeral This was a stunning Aurora display. I was more stunned by the fact that this was the only shot...

Þingvellir Night

Tagged: , thingvellir , night , þingvellir , iceland , snow , aurora , continental drift , Tectonic plates , Öxarárfoss , waterfall View the photo on Flickr It definitely is an awesome Icelandic waterfall. Just 50km or an hour drive from Reykjavik. This was quiet...

Jökulsarlon Northern lights

This was a moonless night in October. I was staring into the darkness with my camera ready and then to my delight an Aurora emerged and streaked across the sky. The fantastic lagoon was perfectly still and this gave me some perfect reflections of both the icebergs and...

Northern Lights Eye

The Northern lights reflected in the glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon, South Iceland is a mind blowing phenomenon created by nothing more than a star and a few gases. Captured here over 2 minutes with a Canon 24mm prime, the arc of the aurora and the reflected shape...

Jokulsarlon Aurora

This was a night of high geomagnetic energy so we left the guesthouse early this night so that we were sure not to miss anything. The ice on the lagoon was covered with snow and it was so bright that the whole exposure didn't need much balancing... minimal cloth...

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