Northern lights photo tours

Northern Lights photo tour

Magic Carpet

Jökulsárlón Northern Lights

This magnificent display over the Glacier Lagoon at Jökulsárlón is one of 2 reasons why we created the Jökulsárlón Multi-day photo tours. The glacier lagoon is stunning in most conditions during the day, but at night the lagoon offers the perfect setting for Northern lights photography. If you are lucky enough to catch clear skies and very little wind, then any Aurora activity will produce amazing photographs.

Overnight tours

We started selling our 2 day photo tour and 3 day photo tour in 2010. Before long many Icelandic tour companies were running these Jökulsárlón tours. These photo tour have become our most popular tours. This is not just for the chance of photographing Northern lights at Jökulsárlón, and the ice beach sunrise in the morning. The whole tour includes fantastic photo locations on a regular basic, from huge waterfalls to black beaches and sea cliffs. Northern lights at Jökulsárlón and Ice beach sunrise also features heavily in our Winter Workshops.

Jökulsárlón Tours

Here is a list of tours that include Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

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