Tony Prower is running three mid-Summer workshops. These will run through the Mid-Summer nights making the best of the midnight sun and the best of Icelandic Landscapes. We will be camping during the days, this is not a trip for people wanting comfort, but for photographers wanting high quality photography.


6 nights over 7 days. Total duration 6 days and 12 hours.


Typically we will be touring 12 hours and resting 12 hours. Pick up day 1 will be around 18.00 from your Reykjavik Hotel. We will drive and shoot through the night. We will be in our tents by 06.00 and (hopefully) sleep until 14.00. From 14.00 – 18.00 will include, swimming, hygene, mail meals, shopping etc. The tour will end around 06.00 after the 6th night of shooting (day 7).

Iceland Summer adventure


the idea of this being a camping trip is to keep flexible looking for interesting weather at top locations. The tour will include a night at Goðafoss and a night in the highlands (Landmannalaugar, Kerlingarfjoll & Hveravellir). 6 nights is enough time to circumnavigate the island if the weather allows, or we could touch the Westfjords. North Iceland will be given preference over South Iceland because the North works better with Summer light.

More about camping: your tents will be provided and they will be erected and taken down for you. We only sleep in proper campsites with toilet facilities. Sleeping during the day is difficult, there can be noise on campsites and heat from the mid-day sun. Camping in the rain is sometimes unavoidable and is not much fun. There might be opportunities to find sleeping bag accommodation. This is usually around $80 USD per person per night. This would be a group decision based on weather conditions and exhaustion levels.

Iceland Summer camping tour

Red Stuff


  • 15 – 21 June 2019
  • 24 – 30 June 2019
  • 3 – 9 July 2019
  • Price:

    tickets are $2600 USD

    Included: Transport and tuition, tents, sleeping bags, air mat, basic cooking equipment.

    Not included: your meals and food, any extra accommodation costs.

    Iceland Summer oasis



    Any questions, please Contact Us.

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