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Icelandic Horses

There is only one type of horse in Iceland – the Icelandic Horse. They are very special because they are direct decedents from the viking horses that came over with the settlers 1000 years ago. Their breed has been kept pure and they are isolated from all other horse breeds. Icelandic horses are thought of as the original European breed.

They are similar in height to a pony but must not be called the “P” word. A pony cannot do what these horses can do.

Icelandic horses create a special experience for horse tourists. The “Tölt” is a unique gait and has become a sought after experience for horse tourists. Horses are bred for their ability to Tölt and Icelander hold regular tölting events. Icelandic horses can run on ice. This is another unique trait.

Special dates in the Icelandic calendar include the horse round up when horses are brought back from the mountains after the Summer.

Horses can be seen any time of the year in Iceland because 90% are kept outside full time. They are said to be tough down to -25 c. Icelandic horses have a special relationship with humans because during the Winter the horses are dependent on humans. This makes them a very friendly breed.

Icelandic horse

Icelandic Foal

Icelandic foal Winter coat A young Icelandic horse with a thick Winter coat. Most Icelandic horses will be outside throughout Winter. Icelandic horses can change colour in different seasons.

Horses at Kirkjufell

Icelandic Horses at Kirkjufell Snæfellsnes horses on a Summer night with Kirkjufell in the background.

Blue eyed foal

Blue eyed foal Iceland Despite the pure breed, Icelandic horses have a lot of variety.

Horse round up

Icelandic horse round up Early October, the Icelandic horses come down from their Summer grazing in the mountains.

Horse riding South & West

Horse riding in the South is convenient because many of these tours include Reykjavik pick-up.


Horse riding North & West

Horse riding in North Iceland is a great way to get away from it all and have a unique horse experience.


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