Northern Lights photography from the land of ice and fire


Earth to space, come in space can you hear us?
This was a brilliant night for auroras over the glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon. There was a lot of ice near the edge of the lagoon. This was challenging to compose, but gave us a great range of textures.

Two day South Coast & Jökulsarlon

This 2 day Iceland Photo Tour includes Jökulsarlon and the South coast – with chance for Auroras on the glacier lagoon and sunrise on the ice beach.

Four day Geysirs & Glaciers

This four day Photo Tour of the Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir, South coast, Jökulsárlón and Höfn offer a huge range of photo opportunities.

Five day Beautiful South

This photo tour combines the Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes Peninsular , South coast & Jökulsarlon photo tours to give a complete South Iceland experience.

6 day Diamonds & Dragons

This multi-day tour will take you around the best of South & West Iceland in six days. Touring from North West to South East with many top photo locations.

Seven day Full Circle

Iceland has a rich variety of landscapes and seascapes and this tour is designed to enhance that variety & capture Iceland’s full diversity.

The Magic Cloth Photography Trick

Northern Lights

The Magic Cloth is wonderful for capturing reflections or the foreground in a night scene. The number 1 prerequisite for using the Magic Cloth is having a long-exposure, so you can control the exposure to different parts of the scene, without having to put filters on. If you are in an amazing location like this, the only additional equipment you need is card or a straightedge fabric, although I have found that a jacket sleeve works well.

Magic cloth photography

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Facts about Aurora

The Oxygen in the atmosphere from 60 miles up to 150 miles above the Earth’s surface reacts with the plasma & makes the sky appear green.

Be careful to choose the right equipment for Neutral Density photography. A lens with a big too large, they create their own problems, such as Nikon’s 14-24mm. For low light and night, this lens is fine, but dark filters for day time Long Exposure photography becomes complicated.

Canon pro-DSLRs are perfect for Landscape photography

  • Great features and total manual mode
  • Great live view able to fine focus stars!
  • Essential settings can be changed with external buttons and dials.
  • The Red light on the back lets you know you are taking a picture.

Recommended Low light camera equipment Canon
EF 16-35mm
Canon EF 16-35mm

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