Golden Circle Photo Tour

Photograph Iceland’s natural treasures on a Golden Circle day tour

Feel the scale of Iceland’s political history at Þingvellir – the scene of Iceland’s 1000 year old parliament. Enjoy the anticipation as you wait for a geyser eruption at Geysir – where the hot springs blow. Experience the trembling Gullfoss as countless gallons of glacier melt-water tumbles into a deep canyon. Europe’s largest waterfall takes centre stage on this photo adventure.

The golden circle day tour takes you on a very accessible trip around South West Iceland, with a special emphasis on photography. This tour is designed to get you to the best spots in your own time and in comfort with a professional photographer as your guide.

Locations and activities:

The Golden Circle day tour heads straight out of Reykjavik into the Icelandic nature where some of the most interesting and amazing landscapes are in a short distance from each other. The small groups tours are flexible and one2one photographic assistance is available.

The Golden Circle is feature rich and adventure packed!!

Our photo trip makes major stops at Thingvellir National Park, Geysir and Gullfoss. There are restaurants, shops and cafes at Gullfoss and Geysir, but this depends on day-time tours. As well as these well known locations we also make photo stops at some lesser known or hard to find waterfalls such as Faxi, Öxararfoss and Brúarfoss.

Gullfoss on the Golden circle

Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss, Europe’s largest waterfall complex offers many unique photographic opportunities depending on access.

The best times to visit are 06.00 in the summer and 13.30 in the winter.

With direct sun at these times, the photographer can be witness to a beautiful rainbow.

During Mid-Winter, any light can be amazing and well worth suffering the arctic blast.


Catching the erupting Geyser is a lot of fun, but getting the best results requires having the time to see several eruptions and experiment with different techniques.

Geysir eruption

Fast shutter with powerful back-lighting

Geysir is the home of the original Geyser. Although Geysir doesn’t erupt very often, his little brother Strokkur should offer several eruptions during your visit. This is fun and exciting nature photography at the heart of our Golden Circle tour. The area also offers many other beautiful hot spring features and multi-coloured geothermal pools.

Gossa Geysir

1 second shutter for interesting results


The site of the worlds first parliament is also the site where we can see Europe and America physically drifting away from each other. Politically or geologically, this place makes you think.

Walk between the continental plates and photograph a beautiful waterfall.

Visit sites of execution.


Photo day tours


 Running all year.



The tour may start early afternoon in Summer. This trip may involve shooting through the night hours (20.00-02.00) and returning to Reykjavik early morning during Mid-Summer. We will revert to daylight hours through August.


Regular morning starts from 07.30 – 09.30 for most of the Winter.


8+ hours (flexible)


Shared photo tours cannot be confirmed with less than 4 passengers. They are run in an SUV or minibus with a professional photography/driver. Maximum passengers = 8. A single ticket is for 1 passenger. A twin ticket is for 2 passengers.

Private tours are confirmed quickly and they can be shared with other passengers. The price is for up to 4 passengers, if your group is larger than 4 please select 2 private tours (or more) or standard tour tickets.


8-10 hours (flexible)

  • Pick-up and drop-off from Reykjavik hotels.
  • Everyone welcome.
  • All tours are flexible.
  • Pro photo guides


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