Waterfall of the gods

Þorgeirr Þorkelsson Ljósvetningagoði decided after two days and nights of meditation that Iceland should practice Christianity as its main religion. Þorgeirr himself was a Pagan Priest, and declared that paganism could still be practiced in private. As a sign of his commitment to the new religion, he threw all his pagan idols into Godafoss waterfall and hence it became known as Goðafoss ‘Waterfall of the gods’.

Getting there…

Godafoss is located in the North Central region of Iceland about 40 minutes drive from Akureyri and about 40 minutes from Mývatn. There is a hotel/ restaurant with an area for camping in the summer months. The falls are situated directly on the main Icelandic ring-road.

Extra Info...

May be possible as part of an Multi-day Photo Tour!!

Godafoss is a large horse-shoe waterfall complex and the total stretch of cascading water is around 30 meters. The legendary saga character ‘Grettir the strong’ is said to have dove down into the falls and was able to swim to the caves behind the water.

Photo tips:

The main tourist spot is from a car-park on the Western bank, but if your cross the bridge you can access the Eastern side where it is possible to get down to the lower river bank. The eastern side offers more photographic opportunities.

It is worth exploring both sides thoroughly. Super-Wide angles work best on the tourist side. 24-50mm works best on the Eastern side.

Day-time:Try experimenting with slow shutter speeds ranging from 1/4 second to 1/125 second. Evening/night: Use longer exposures for better colours.

Failing that, get your selfie stick out and pose with the waterfall.

Godafoss selfie

The best time to visit Goðafoss is mid-summer at sunrise – the rising sun shines straight through the canyon onto the waterfall. Or almost any Winter day, if you can get there.

Goðafoss waterfall features on a few Iceland Photo Workshops

Photo tours that visit Goðafoss

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This 4 day North Iceland photo tour aims to capture the brilliant Goðafoss waterfall in its Winter glory as well as other amazing features in the Myvatn area.

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Iceland has a rich variety of landscapes and seascapes and this tour is designed to enhance that variety & capture Iceland’s full diversity.

Summer: Northern Giants

This Iceland photo tour crosses vast stony deserts with mountain tracks to Iceland’s wildest geothermal hot-spots & the best North Iceland features.

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