Auroras & Ice Caves

Aurora & Ice Caves

Iceland Photo Workshop

Our Iceland photo tours and workshops have been offering the Aurora & Ice caves for the past several years.  We have the Vatnjokull area of Iceland fully covered with good working relationship with local guides and services. The incredible Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the amazing Ice Caves that you find in many of Iceland’s Glaciers are the main focus of many of our Winter photo workshops and tours. The stark Winter landscape makes these places more beautiful to photograph and a perfect setting for Night and Northern lights photography.

Photo Workshops

Photo Workshops will help you improve your photography skills in amazing locations? Our small groups give everyone personal time with our pro photo instructors without getting in each other’s way. We welcome beginners photographers to advanced so that everyone returns with great photographs and new skills.

Iceland Photo Workshops

Winter Photo Tours

Northern lights and Ice caves can be enjoyed on a Winter photo tour. A trip to the Vatj region can make both these photography dreams come true. A 3 day photo tour doubles your chances of Aurora compared to a 2 day photo tour.

Multi-day Photo tours

Seasonal tours

  • Northern lights can be seen in Iceland from Late August to Early April
  • Ice caves are safe to access from November to March.

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