Aurora Borealis (northern lights) in Iceland

Solar Winds

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is a light phenomenon that occurs as a result of solar winds reaching earth’s outer atmosphere and burning different gases to give a range of different colours. The best place to see them would surely be from a very high viewpoint just outside earth’s atmosphere. Where the spacemen float around in the space station is perfect. Here on earth however, we need to travel to cold countries near the point where you would see the midnight sun in the summer and very short days in the winter. Iceland is one of those places. It is just touched by the Arctic circle on its very north isle of Grimsey, but most of Iceland is good for northern lights. There is no real advantage of North over South unless they are in low activity.

Northern Light on ice

Northern Light on ice

Iceland’s best locations

1000s of travellers asked me where the best places to see the aurora borealis are. I often tell them to get out of the city lights. There is not much more to it. Aurora storms tend to follow coast lines and because Iceland is a fairly small island, it is hard to go wrong. I state that the northern lights follow coastlines, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest they do, just that observations have tended to be near coastlines, but remember that humans inhabit the coast. It is possible that most sightings have occurred near the coast because that is where most people happen to be.

Seljalandsfoss aurora

Seljalandsfoss aurora

Spirits in the Night

May be possible as part of a Northern Lights Photo Tour, Long Tour, a Photo Workshop!!

Where to go

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How to photograph the Northern Lights Tutorial

Multi-day photo tours

We include Northern lights photography on our Multi-day photo tours, if conditions are good. These longer photo tours use hotels near great photo locations to give your Aurora photographs that extra edge.

Northern Lights evening tours

We run Northern lights photo tours from Reykjavik and we also sell Northern light adventures and bus tours to suit all budgets.

Four day North Iceland

This 4 day North Iceland photo tour aims to capture the brilliant Goðafoss waterfall in its Winter glory as well as other amazing features in the Myvatn area.

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Five day Beautiful South

This photo tour combines the Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes Peninsular , South coast & Jökulsarlon photo tours to give a complete South Iceland experience.

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6 day Diamonds & Dragons

This multi-day tour will take you around the best of South & West Iceland in six days. Touring from North West to South East with many top photo locations.

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