Please find below a bunch of Magic Cloth Photography tutorials. There are in no particular order at the moment, but hope to be categorising everything later.

Where to start

The original article gives you an introduction to the technique, but as the art requires physical movement, it is so much easier to watch one of the Videos to begin with. It is a very simple idea, but whenever I try to write about it it seems very complex. So my strong recommendation is to watch the videos and then use the blog tutorials as a reference.


Magic Cloth Technique – the basics

The Magic Cloth Technique is a simple way to control the exposure on different parts of your scene. Typically the sky is brighter than the land. Our cameras will find a balanced exposure, but generally this is too bright for the sky or too dark for the land. During...

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Magic Cloth Group – on Flickr

The Magic Cloth group was created by ultimagaina You might find this tutorial about the basics useful. It features a range of photographers who have used the Magic Cloth technique. All of the results are interesting and they really show the scope of this technique. If...

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Magic Cloth Image focus

Here I focus on Magic Cloth images to help you understand the whole process. Each image is presented with the background story, composition and focus considerations and, of course, Magic Cloth Technique.

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