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Tony Prower is scheduling several Iceland photo workshops with a focus on Winter landscape photography including glacial Ice. They are designed with a good chance of photographing Aurora because they are scheduled during Winter months and avoid full moon phases. The season for these workshops will be from October through March to increase the likelihood of Winter conditions.

Landscape Photography Tuition is included for all levels of photographer. There is something for beginners & advanced photographers. Tuition in the Magic Cloth Technique will also be included in the workshops, so read this and bring your dark filters. General photography instruction is always available in our small groups. Expect to work and expect to learn during these five full days of photography.

These 5 day photo workshops are set in the stunning landscapes on the edge of the Vatnökull ice-cap. Special things happen here during the Winter. We can expect a variety of weather systems and eye witness their effect on the Landscapes and People of South East Iceland. The area has good access to the Glacial lagoon and various other glacier related activities.


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Photo locations include:

  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Skogafoss waterfall
  • Vik – black sand beach
  • Fjaðrargljufur – river canyon
  • Skaftafell – Vatnjokull
  • Jökulsarlon – Ice Beach
  • IceCaves (Nov-March)
  • Vestrahorn Mountain


Iceland Landscape photography workshops

The main subject of our Workshops will be Ice. The learning objectives are skills relating to landscape composition, exposure and focus. Looking and seeing involves psychology and philosophy skills. Lightroom and Photoshop along with printing and presentation are also discussed.

Ice photography workshop

Jökulsarlon photo workshop

Ice Beach

The beach at Jökulsarlon is often littered with beautiful glacial ice which has been further sculpted by the Ocean. Winter mornings can offer unique opportunities to catch the first rays of sun behind the glacial ice chunks. We spend quality time at the Ice-Beach on these Iceland Photo Workshops.

Glacier landscape photography

Fjallsarlon Lagoon

Magical Iceland photo tours

Magic Ice

Electric Blue on an Iceland photo workshop

Electric Blue

Winter photography at Jokulsarlon

Glacier photo workshops

Glacier lagoon

There are many Lagoons in the area and each offer new challenges and opportunities for the photographer. The photo workshop will offer several chances to see floating ice in a variety of settings and conditions.

Carved by retreating glaciers, these lagoons offer tough composition challenges. They are highly rewarding if you catch the light, colours and reflections successfully.

Glacier lagoons, ice caves and the Ice Beach often have glacier ice that you can get right up close to. This gives you fantastic opportunities for both stunning wide angle work or close-up ice abstracts.

Glacier ice close up photography Glacier ice close up.

Photograph Glacier lagoon

Glacial Reflection photo

Blue ice photo workshop

Ice caves

Early November – Mid-March photo workshops may include a trip to an ice cave with a qualified guide. The opportunity to venture under the Vatnjökull ice cap cannot be missed!! These mystical places are showered with strange blue which gets even stranger and even bluer as you go deeper into them. The occasional windows offer challenges and opportunities for some creative photography.

Iceland photo workshop

Ice cave photography workshop

Northern lights photography
The Aurora Borealis is an amazing light show that is on many people’s top-ten things to see list.

Iceland aurora photo workshop

Aurora photography

The northern lights depend on both earth weather and space weather to ensure a good view. They are always occurring, but at different strengths according to the sun’s cycle. They can be predicted with relative accuracy if a sun spot (solar storm) is observed. There are several other scientific instruments which can measure the incidence of solar activity and magnetic storms around the earth. Aurora photo workshops in the evenings if conditions are good.

They are often clearly visible from Iceland if the conditions are right! All workshops take place around the new moon to further increase our chances.

Aurora photo workshop

Iceland aurora photo workshop

Iceland landscape photo workshop

Icelandic winter Landscapes

If I haven’t convinced you already, Iceland has many beautiful landscapes even without the ice and auroras!!

Iceland Mountain lakes offer unique opportunities for strong landscape shots.

Incredible beaches offer sea stack and mountain combinations with tempestuous swells.

90 day early bird discount

90 day early bird discount

Landscape photography Iceland

Glacial Rivers photo workshop

Vestrahorn photo workshop

Iceland landscape photography workshop

Vestrahorn Blue hour photo workshop

“I was fortunate enough to go on an Iceland Aurora photo workshop in February 2015 with a great group and two excellent guides.
We encountered a few other (massive) groups while we were there and I’m very glad I wasn’t rammed into one of those! Two vehicles, two guides and five other photographers was a good size group.
While we hit a number of popular spots we also managed a few locations all to ourselves. Overall, a good balance of locations without feeling rushed. The days were loosely structured to make the most of the light. Some locations we did a couple of times under different conditions for different shots.
Evenings were a relaxed affair. Dinner then lounge with or without laptop or retire to room as you liked. A good chance to review shots.
Tony would give as little or as much individual help as you wanted and was keen to ensure everyone was getting good shots. Composition and local-knowledge based shot suggestions as well as some impromptu Lightroom tips helped improve my “keeper ratio”.
Overall a great trip and one I hope to repeat in better weather. And yes, we did manage an Aurora.
Thoroughly recommended.”

Adrian Steller


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These winter workshops will be in a top location for ice, mountains, ocean and a good chance of an Aurora. If you make a reservation, you will be contacted with further information. The duration will be 5 full days. Maximum Participants = 6 (with 2 instructors).

Workshop Focus

  • In camera
  • Winter Landscape techniques
  • Composition Consideration
  • Focus and DOF
  • Exposure techniques
  • Filter use
  • Long Exposure
  • Night photography
  • Aurora photography
  • Milkyway photography
  • Magic cloth technique
  • Postprocessing*
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop

*optional and dependent on unfavourable conditions and weather.

Physical: easy – moderate. Fairly easy access at most locations which require just a few minutes walk. One or two locations require a moderate hike (4KM up and down hill), but this is optional. Most customers report around 7KM (5 miles) per day. Hiking is strictly optional because we do welcome everyone and can be flexible. If you are concerned, please send a message.

Early 2018

  • 20-Feb-2018 till 24-Feb-2018 (1 place left)
  • 13-Mar-2018 till 17-Mar-2018 (CLOSED)
  • 20-Mar-2018 till 24-Mar-2018 (Available)

Late 2018

  • 02-Oct-2018 till 06-Oct-2018 (Available)
  • 09-Oct-2018 till 13-Oct-2018 (Available)
  • 30-Oct-2018 till 03-Nov-2018 (Available)
  • 06-Nov-2018 till 10-Nov-2018 (Available)
  • 13-Nov-2018 till 17-Nov-2018 (Available)
  • 04-Dec-2018 till 08-Dec-2018 (Available)
  • 11-Dec-2018 till 15-Dec-2018 (Available)

Early 2019

  • 08-Jan-2019 till 12-Jan-2019 (Available)
  • 29-Jan-2019 till 02-Feb-2019 (Available)
  • 05-Feb-2019 till 09-Feb-2019 (Available)
  • 26-Feb-2019 till 02-Mar-2019 (Available)
  • 12-Mar-2019 till 16-Mar-2019 (Available)
  • 02-Apr-2019 till 06-Apr-2019 (Available)


  • Professional photography tuition and assistance.
  • Transportation during the workshop with Reykjavik pick-up/ drop-off
  • 4 nights Accommodation at hotels near Jökulsarlon.
  • Breakfast x 4
  • Optional Arrival/Departure Package can be arranged
  • Ice cave tours run (Nov-Mid-March) only.

Not included:

  • International flights
  • Airport transfer
  • Fith day hotel
  • Extra activities and entrance fees
  • Meals, Alcohol, snacks and beverages

Top | Dates | Prices & booking | Locations


Our rooms are spacious with private bathroom, internet access and TV.

Double occupancy & single room supplement

The basic package includes a Single bed in a twin room. This means that if you are a couple (husband and wife / friends) sharing a room, this is the price you both pay each.  If you are happy to share with a stranger, if there is another person (same gender) who wants to share a twin room, then we will put you together.  If you are a single person and you want your own room or there is no room to share, you have to pay a single supplement.

The hotel accommodation is for the 4 nights of the workshop and doesn’t include the final night when the workshop finishes.


We strongly recommend arriving at least the day before and departing at least the day after. Arrange your hotels for the night before the workshop starts and the final evening after the workshop. Transfer between KEF airport and Reykjavik also needs to be arranged. We can assist you with this – just ask.

Red Stuff

  • Workshop Package: $2900 USD per person double occupancy . Single room supplement: $270 USD
  • Hotel Hali (Jökulsarlon) with Private Bathrooms
  • Arrival /departure hotels with transfer possible addition
  • VAT included:
  • Registration deposit: More than 45 day = 10%, less than 45 days = 100%
  • 90 day early booking discount: 6%
  • Maximum Number of Participants: 6
  • Minimum Number of Participants: 2
  • Payment in Full: 6 weeks prior to the workshop starting date.

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