Wildlife photography

Please find a collection of tours and activities run by our partners this selection of tours include opportunities for wildlife photography.

(actually this is all about Whales and Puffins, but you can catch the occasional seal, fox, or owl on our photo tours)


Whale and Puffins Reykjavik area

Many of these tours have close to 100% success viewing whales and porpoises. The high success rates have lead to an increase in whale watching tourists and better availability throughout the year.


elding whale watching
Elding are well established in the Whale watching field. They have large, comfortable boats and good availability. Their dedicated staff run well informed safaris regularly.


whale watching
Smaller boats are more flexible. These tours are the best for Reykjavik puffins and intimate whale photography.

Whale Watching other areas


Used to be the home of many penises, now you have to settle for whale watching and puffin sandwiches.

salka whale watching
These guys also run a restaurant so you can combine a meal with a tour to make a day of it.

husavik sailing


The Capital of the North sits on one of Iceland’s largest fjords. A great place for whale watching.


ambassador whale watching
Ambassador of Akureyri