This Iceland photo tour gets you wet.

The ear-splitting roar of glacial melt-water as it plunges down a sheer 40 meter cliff. Fantastic rainbows remain constant in the spray which only yields to the occasional gusts of wind. The relentless pounding sounds every frequency of the human ear. Your camera is ready to record the rest…

Seljalandsfoss Pano

Locations and activities: This is a waterfall tour in the south of Iceland where we have the chance to explore a bunch of Iceland’s best waterfalls. We head straight out of Reykjavik into the amazing Icelandic countryside where some of the most interesting waterfalls are relatively close. The tour could include; Öxararfoss, Brúarfoss, Gullfoss or Haifoss and Hjalpafoss towards Iceland’s interior or Urriðarfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss on the south coast. Whichever route, this tour will include a lot more than just the waterfalls.

Small group tours are flexible and photographic assistance can be provided.

There are restaurants and cafes at some locations, but this depends on the time of the tour.


Duration: 8-10 hours (flexible)


Summer: The photo tour may start early afternoon in Summer. This trip may involve shooting through the night hours (20.00-02.00) and returning to Reykjavik early morning during Mid-Summer. We will revert to daylight hours through August.

Winter: Regular morning starts from 07.30 – 09.30 for most of the Winter.

  • The tour includes pick-up and drop-off from the Reykjavik area.
  • The tour welcomes photographers and sightseers.
  • All tours are flexible.
  • All tours are private for your small group.

Private photo tours

Private photo tours are quick to confirm and extra flexible to fit your plans. You can choose to share your private tour which will reduce costs as passengers join.

Shared photo tours

quality tours with other passengers. Confirmation depends on passenger numbers. These must be requested on the Shared tour request page.

Booking form for private tours

Location & sharing options are on the second stage of the application.

Private photo tours customers are entitled to 10% discount on our advertised Whale watching and Northern lights tours. A coupon code will be sent with your ticket. Enter the code when you book a whale watching or Northern lights tour for automatic 10% discount.

Please use the Shared tour request page if you need other passengers to share.

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