Vesturhorn mountain

Vesturhorn mountain is perhaps the best beach and mountain combination ever. The landscape at Stokksnes provides rich foregrounds in the sand dunes, tussocks and shore. The beach has a combination of smooth black sand and well shaped rocks. The sand dunes and tussocks provide rich lines and little reflection pools. The rocky shore can add movement and drama to sea-scapes. The smooth sand can provide great reflections of Vesturhorn mountain in most conditions.


Blue Hour

Iceland Vestrahorn Landscape Photography As long as the mountain is visible, great landscape photographs can be made in most conditions.

Chocolate Mountain

Iceland Landscape Photography If you are lucky enough to have unspoilt, wet sand, the sand flats can provide valuable Landscape foreground.


Blue Pool

Vestrahorn Blue hour Landscape Photography tour After heavy rains or melting snow, the sand dunes are worth exploring thoroughly for these little pools.

Vesturhorn Light

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Our tours & workshops are designed for the best use of your time during your trip to Iceland. Customers can combine our photo tours with many other nature activities. We are a team of experienced professional photographers and we work together to give you a successful photography experience in Iceland. All levels of photographer will benefit from our tours and they can also be enjoyed from a sightseeing perspective. Everyone is welcome!!

To give customers total flexibility and avoid crowds, our photo tours are run in private SUVs. We also offer a tour share scheme so like minded passengers can share a tour to share costs. This allows small group prices with the benefits of a private tour.

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Most tours run from Reykjavik, but if you wanted to start from somewhere else, just ask.

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Winter Only

Our Northern Lights and Ice cave tours are Winter only. These evening tours run from Reykjavik between Mid-August to Mid-April. The best Aurora viewing is September to March. Ice caves are Mid-Winter only with access from Mid Nov- Mid March.

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These tours run all through the year. We have a huge selection of tours that are not season dependent. They are not scheduled, but run on demand according to your availability. They work with Winter snow or Midnight sun and can be combined with both Summer and Winter activities.

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