Our Iceland Photo Tour of the South coast, Jökulsárlón and Höfn offer amazing wilderness opportunities.

Feel the powerful silence of the immense Vatnjökull glacier. Öræfajökull and her majestic header of Hvannadalhnúkur towering over the networks of glacial rivers and flood strewn boulders. All reflected in the stillness of Jökulsarlon – the glacial lagoon. One of our most popular multi-day photo tours.


 This popular multi-day tour includes Jökulsarlon, Höfn and the South coast. This option is to spread the Photo Tour over 3 days. Over the 3 days we can explore many of the great features along the south coast such as the big waterfalls and beautiful beaches. We are never far from the glacier lagoon, so we are in a good location if we are lucky enough to see auroras (winter) or to explore the lagoon through the midnight sunlight (Summer). Here we can also catch amazing images on the black sand beach with glacial ice. We may visit Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Reynisdrengur, Fjaðrárgljúfur, Skaftafell, Jökulsarlon, Fjalsarlon, Höfn, Vesturhorn. Activities may include hiking, glacier hiking, ice-cave exploring (Winter only), Lagoon boat trips, exhibitions and restaurants. Our photo tour location list is downloadable at the bottom of the page. It is intended as a list of possible location rather than “Guaranteed” locations, we trust your guide to judge the best locations for the available time and weather.

South Coast

Exploring several locations along Iceland’s South Coast on the way out and on the way back. Towering waterfalls, secret gorges, black beaches and amazing sea cliffs are just a few hours into the photo tour. Experience Viking hospitality in the Coastal town of Vík and see the making of the famous Icelandic wool sweater.

Glacier lagoon

We can always guarantee ice! The glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon has been retreating for nearly 100 years and delivers regular, fresh ice chunks to the carpark. The ice beach is often littered with large chunks of glacier ice that have made their way out to the ocean.
glacier ice chunks of jokulsarlon

glacier ice beach
The 3 day Iceland Photo Tour is suitable for most travel photographers. It is for people who want to see and photograph some of the best Icelandic locations and maximise photo opportunities.

Auroras (Winter only Sept-April)

We take advantage of the often clear skies in the Jökulsarlon area and if we are really lucky some still reflection on the lagoon. This is probably the best place in the world for auroras although we can never guarantee them.


Ice caves (Winter only Nov-March)
When the cold temperatures dominate, the glacier rivers recede and allow access to the Ice Caves forged by the rivers.

ice cave photography

Midnight sun (Summer only June-July)

An all night trip can provide many hours of fantastic light and a beautiful experience.


Seasons: Running all year


Winter (Mid Sept – Mid April ) start times are around 09.30. We shoot regular hours which could include night shooting for Auroras and sunrise/set on the ice beach.

Summer (Mid April – Mid Sept)
The tour could start after 14.00 in the Summer. Mid-Summer, this could involve shooting through the night hours (22.00-06.00) and sleeping in tents during the day.

WINTER ONLY: Check out our 3 Day mini workshops. Running Tuesday – Thursday!!

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Breakfast is normally include in the Hotel. We usually eat evening meal in Restaurants. Prices are between $20-$40 for a main meal. But we can be flexible if you wanted to cater for yourselves


 We stay overnight near the lagoon in a guesthouse or hotel (winter) or Camp locally (Summer)*. Your accommodation will be arranged for the duration of the tour, let us know your preferences. Guest rooms have private bathrooms. Rooms can be single, twin, double or triple (your choice may affect the price).

  • Includes pick-up and drop-off from the Reykjavik area.
  • Includes accommodation for the duration of the tour.
  • Suitable for photographers of all levels.
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