Iceland Sightseeing tours & activity map

– book your nature activities in many locations as you travel. Use the Map to plan your trip.

Here we list a collection of sightseeing tours and nature activities from our partners. These are high quality tours by licensed Icelandic Tour operators. Each is well established in its field and employs quality staff for a professional sightseeing experience.

Iceland has sightseeing marvels in almost every part of the country. You don’t have to go far to witness amazing nature and incredible scenes. There are also opportunities for extreme activities with experienced guides.The tours sold here are designed to enhance your stay in Iceland above and beyond your expectations.

There are so many sights to see in Iceland… and so many things to do. These guided tours will make sure your sights are seen in a fun and enlightening way. Featured below are just a sample of tours on offer. Please explore the top menu links for the full range of Sightseeing tours and Nature activities.

Northern Lights

Available Late August – Early April

The Aurora Borealis can be the most memorable part of your Iceland Winter trip.

Northern lights – South Iceland

Westfjords and North Iceland

Horse riding is the most popular past time in Iceland. There are 0.5 horses to every Icelander.

Ice cave tours

Getting under the glacier into a cave carved by glacier melt-water is not a boring thing to do! Book here to reserve your tour with some of the best glacier guides in Iceland.

ice cave

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