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A special gallery featuring photographic works of our customers as they participated on our photo tours.

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Cheryl Herrera

Cheryl Herrera

Photographer from California.

My camera gear:

  • Sony A7 body
  • Sony Vario-Tessar T* 16-35mm f/4
  • My favorite kind of photography is landscape, so my favorite lens is the wide-angle lens 16-35mm.

    Instagram: @cherylherreraphotography

    Cheryl joined our Winter Workshop. Five days of photography including the glacier lagoons and Jökulsarlon, the ice beach, Veturhorn and the South Coast.

    The weather was mostly rain, but we managed to get out and get some good shots every day.

    Her first photograph on this page is from the Ice beach at Jökulsarlon. The famous black sand beach with the ice diamonds. Cheryl’s timing is fantastic. She has a really good shutter speed to slow the water a little. This shows the motion of some of the waves as they hit the glacier ice. But it is not too long that it creates a white blur. The composition is nice because Cheryl has carefully observed the sky and included enough variety of textures for good balance.

    The second photo is from Vesturhorn. We were lucky to even see the mountain with all the rain going on that week. Cheryl has a simple, but effective composition to show the textures in the foreground with a clear view to the famous Vestrahorn mountain.

    Tony W Chen

    Tony Wei-Han Chen
    Just a guy who likes to capture the people and the environment as he walks through life.

    Tony’s Flickr

    March Workshop

    Tony joined us on a March workshop 2017. This was late March and so the long days gave us lots of photo opportunities. Tony’s chosen images are from the Incredible Ice beach near Jökulsarlon and the fantastic beach mountain combination at Vestrahorn in East Iceland.

    In the ice beach shot, Tony has done well to capture the movement of the receding wave. He has used pebbles in the immediate foreground to create the lines that lead to the ice chunk.

    In the Vestrahorn photograph, Tony has worked hard to arrange the foreground. The composition allows a clear passage through to the famous mountain.

    David Lee

    David Lee

    I’m a Seattle software engineer who loves to take photos. My daughter and I went on a day tour with Skarphéðinn Þráinsson (Skarpi) to Landmannalaugar. The views were unforgettable!

    David’s Flickr portfolio

    Landmannalaugar is in the central highlands of Iceland. This Summer only location becomes accessible around the end of June. Access before this time is prohibited due to the Winter thawing which makes the roads very fragile.

    The main feature of Landmannalaugar is the painterly clay mountains which get their colours from the geothermal steam vents. The name translates to Public swimming pool in the landscape. Indeed ther eis a swimming area frequented by visitors to Landmannalaugar.

    You need an experienced guide to take you to some of the Landmannalaugar viewpoint included here.

    Mauro Mendonça

    Mauro Mendonça

    Mauro Mendonça joined our January Winter workshop with 5 other passengers. We enjoyed good conditions and unusually warm for January.

    The highlights of the workshop were our one and only chance to catch the Northern lights. We worked hard to chase the single gap in the clouds which indicated the eye of the storm. The winds were approaching dangerous levels as we used the Jeeps and then Huge Rocks to shelter behind. It was our local knowledge that brought us to the Glacial tongue at Heinaberg. The Aurora was moderate, but we made the most of it when it glowed above the glacier tongue.

    The next highlight was the incredibly rare Nacreous clouds in the Southern sky. They are rare in the Northern sky, but seldom seen South of Iceland. Mauro did very well to expose for the highlights as the Nacreous clouds glow against the darker sky.

    Taken on our Winter workshop.

    Alexey and Daria

    Alex Tseli | Passionate travel and landscape photographer | Mostly Canon | Only original photos

    Photography: travel, landscape, portrait and astrophotography

    Images by Daria & Alex Tseli

    These images were taken on our January Winter workshop. Over 5 days we toured the glacier landscapes under the Vatnjökull glacier as well as waterfalls and beaches along the south coast. The aurora photo was taken under Heinabergsjökull.

    “Thank you and Olgeir for the awesome tour!

    Cheers, Alexey & Daria”

    Phil Rubaloff

    Phil is a natural landscape photographer from California.

    These pictures were taken on a 4 day tour which went through Landmannalaugar to the glacier lagoons of the South East. The conditions were almost non-stop rain and drizzle, but the tour was fantastic with great photo opportunities regardless.

    The same tour can be booked as long as there is access to the highlands and Landmannalaugar. Four days is recommended because the Landmannalaugar leg is time consuming with slow driving on very poor roads.

    Phil’s tour ran in late July and we stuck to a late schedule finishing each day around midnight, this would have been later if we had sunlight.

    Phil: “We saw and photographed locations that I am still trying to figure out where they were.”

    Phil’s images really make the most of the conditions we had. Although we didn’t have the desired light, Phil composed and shot for the details. Using the the foreground well, Phil managed to convey all the drama of the Icelandic landscape. His images have good depth and a good sense of scale. The details and landscape colours are further enhanced by some skillful post processing work.

    George Beller

    George Beller

    Dr. George Beller is an emeritus professor of Cardiology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Growing up in New York with frequent visits to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum in his youth, he developed a life-long interest in the visual arts.

    As a nephew of Bela Horovitz, the founder of The Phaidon Press, and later through his art history courses in college, he was further exposed to a wide range of visual arts.

    Landscape and wildlife photography

    Three years ago, Beller became fascinated by landscape and wildlife photography after completing a workshop in the Teton National Park led by Henry Holdsworth, a nationally recognized nature photographer. Local photographers in his home town of Charlottesville, Virgina, who have subsequently mentored him include Robert Llewellyn, Ben Greenberg and Victoria Dye. He has also been influenced by the work of eminent nature photographers, such as Jack Dykinga, Guy Tal and the late Galen Rowell.

    Photography aims

    In his landscape images, Beller tries to capture dramatic contrasts between light and shadows. He is especially drawn to the drama and beauty of clouds as they are reflected in water. His compositions often include a dominant foreground, such as high grass, large boulders or sand dunes, which balance the majesty of mountains in the distance. Many of his landscape images are taken just as the sun rises or sets; in these shots, he is compelled by the deep serenity that defines the beginning or end of a day. Finally, he takes photographs of wildlife from varying distances; his close-up shots create intimate portraits of animals, whereas his longer-range shots depict wildlife as it is naturally encountered in the landscape.

    Slide show

    Georges Landscape photo from Stokksness at Vestrahorn is a carefully composed scenic with a strong foreground. The composition includes the full range of available textures and shows great depth. Including the sea gives valuable distance information and helps to show the scale of the Vesturhorn mountain.

    The next image is a low lying horse-shoe waterfall near Kirkjubærklaustur. George has composed this well with strong lines which lead the eye to the waterfall and beyond. The good choice of focal length has given good proportions to the iage and made a feature of the background landscape.

    George’s northern lights photograph is from an Aurora shoot at Jökulsarlon. The glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon is a top spot for Northern lights. This evening was no exception as the Aurora Borealis danced in the clear night sky above the floating ice. This is a nice exposure and nice composition.



    Black Beach
    Lawrence Blank

    Paul wilt

    Hi Tony,

    I would like you to know I had excellent photo tours with Skarpi and Olgeir during my recent visit to Iceland. They were both extremely helpful, patient, professional and amiable. I quite enjoyed my time learning from them and seeing the incredible sights of Iceland. I hope to visit again, likely in winter, and experience more of the country. I appreciate the help you gave me during the arrangements for my two tours with Iceland Aurora. You were always very prompt in your replies and helpful. Thanks!

    Best regards,
    Paul Wilt

    Lawrence Blank

    Lawrence Blank

    Lawrence Blank is a dentist who took up photography to record his work helping patients. This easily expanded to travel photography, landscapes and wildlife. He has no formal training but attends lot of workshops.

    Lawrence Blank Photography

    Lawrence Blank
    Lawrence Blank
    Lawrence Blank
    Lawrence Blank

    Dion Hitchcock

    Dion Hitchcock

    is an expat Australian now residing in London.  He joined the London Photographic Meetup Group (over 5500 members) in 2012 and quickly became captivated with photography and now is an instructor with the club.
    “Having taught photography with London Photographic I was in a unique perspective to see how Tony and Iceland Aurora approached their tours.  I came away enthused with passion for this captivating landscape and brandishing new photographic skills.  What impressed me even more was the effort made for those on tour who had budget point-and-shoot cameras.  10/10 for ALL levels of photographers.  Iceland is simply stunning and I’m returning for my second time…with Iceland Aurora to guide me to ensure I get the best shots.”

    Dion’s website:


    Dion Hitchcock
    Dion Hitchcock
    Dion Hitchcock
    Dion Hitchcock

    Maha Al-balushi

    Maha Al-balushi
    Maha Al-balushi is an Omani photographer, was raised in England and moved back to Oman when she was 14 years old. Her love for capturing moments in her life started from a very young age and only started taking it seriously in 2008 and by 2009 she got her first DSLR and the journey began. The passion grew even bigger from then on as she started exploring she photographed everything from people to landscape photography. Maha comes from a family of globetrotters her family lived and travelled across the globe. Therefore, her passion for exploring different scenes is what derives her into journeys to oceans end. Even though she has always been a city girl she was constantly surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and has always been mesmerized by the wonders of nature, which led her venture into landscape photography.

    “Photography to me is an escape into a world where passion and creativity meet, in a world where joy fills my heart” – Maha H Al-balushi

    Maha’s Images

    Iceland aurora
    Rainbow Landscape

    Photo tour
    Mossy Foreground

    Vesturhorn Vertical

    Iceland photo workshop
    Vesturhorn Lenticular


    Jee Teck

    My two major interests are landscape and architecture (ancient monuments especially).

    I was intrigued by a photo of the Kirkjufell with the 3 waterfalls which inspired me to explore Iceland. I also wanted to capture the sense of stillness, the contrast of colours, reflection of floating ice in the lake.

    Jee Tekk

    Jee Tekk’s photographs…


    Jee shot this waterfall from the top of the cave entrance.


    Jee finds some amazing foreground at Stokkness.

    Melissa Hom

    Melissa Hom is a food, restaurant, interior, and portrait photographer born and raised in New York City. She was named New York Magazine’s first staff photographer in its 40-plus year history in 2006.

    Melissa Hom

    Melissa Hom
    Melissa Hom

    Melissa Hom

    Elisabeth Bard

    Elisabeth Bard

    Structure, strong color and intersecting lines are the graphic elements I employ to challenge the viewer to a labyrinthine experience, to loose themselves in a maze of lines and color. I use telephoto lenses as extraction devices to present patterns, shapes and textures in captivating schemes. Elements of typography feature in my work as well. Having studied the shapes and forms of letters throughout my life, I find myself discovering these shapes in the environment and presenting them to the viewer from different contexts.

    My Website

    Elf House Ramparts

    Berg Detail I

    Berg Detail II

    Jökulsárlón Bergette

    Jökulsárlón Diamond

    Seljalandsfoss Ice Puddle I

    Seljalandsfoss Ice Puddle II

    David Keljo

    David Keljo

    My first passion is taking care of children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Photography is my hobby. I’m a scenic travel photographer who is particularly fond of mountains and water and fascinated by dusk and moonlight. I enjoy sharing my images with family and friends and am particularly pleased when my images make other people want to go to one of my favorite places.

    I do have an occasionally updated photo stream on Flickr: MY FLICKR

    “This was the 4th and by far the most enjoyable photo workshop I’ve done over the past 12 years.”


    David Keljo


    If you attended a photo tour and would like your images to be shown, please send us a message via our Contact form.

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