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Ice cave photo tours

Please find our selection of photo tours that could include Ice Cave photography.

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ice cave tours

Ice-cave photo workshops

Please find our selection of Iceland Photo Workshops that could include Ice-Cave photography.

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Ice caves are an incredible adventure for the travel photographer. These natural caves are forged by glacier rivers which carve beautiful scallops on the walls of the cave. The ice is a deep blue and hard as steel.

On a photo tour or workshop, you will have the advantage of being with photo guides who have taken pictures in this strange environment many times.

Ice caves are dangerous!

We only use experienced glacier guides on our photo tours and workshops. These guides work together to assess the safety of the cave and if they don’t think it is safe, we don’t take risks.

Ice cave tours by local professionals

These are the guides we use on our tours. They run regular trips and provide safety equipment.

Book an Ice cave tour

Book an Ice cave tour with our recommended local guides. These are the real deal. Caves carved by glacier melt-water. Tours usually run from Jökulsarlon.

ice cave photo tours

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