Hvítserkur troll rock

Hvítserkur troll rock sits just off the shore of the Vatnsness peninsular in North Iceland. Hvítserkur has the appearance of a drinking dragon. It is an ancient volcano plug. It is possible to walk out to the troll rock at low tide.

The translation of Hvítserkur is “White Shirt”. All the sea bird shit which covers most of the rock give it its name. The masses of white shit give it its black and white appearance.

Concrete has been used at base of Hvítserkur to protect it from erosion.



There is a gravel road of around 30km from the #1 ring road leading to the location. A regular car can access the road. This may be challenging in Winter and is uncomfortable. A sign post takes you down to a car park. You cannot see the rock yet. There are 2 routes down to the rock. The main path takes you to a viewing platform where you can view the rock from a height. The rough path takes you down to the beach. This is where the best pictures are taken from. The decent is not easy.

There is a very beautiful waterfall quite close to Hvítserkur.

Our North Iceland Photo Tour and some of our Iceland photo workshops may include Hvítserkur.

On the sand flats it is sometimes possible to see wild seals.


Hvítserkur troll rock Iceland

Landscape photographers love Hvítserkur.

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