Grundarfjörður – Snæfellsness

Grundarfjörður is my favourite town on the Snæfellsness peninsular.

This is a tidy, friendly town with good facilities in terms of accommodation and food, but for me the draw is the steeple shaped mountain (Kirkjufell) that sits just west of the harbour. It is a prime location on the Snæfellsness Tour!

Kirkjufell is a 463 meter high mountain that has claimed the lives of a few mountaineers. It is a challenging climb due to the steepness of its slopes. From the right angle the mountain resembles a church steeple… or a Witches Hat!!


Kirkjufellsfoss is a waterfall that channels the glacier melt water of the Snæfellsjökull. It is not a very large waterfall as it only stands about 5 meters high, but it has a couple of levels and the water is channeled into three separate spouts which offer plenty of challenges and opportunities for the photographer.

Kirkjufellsfoss Lower falls - August

Personally, I like to capture the falls with the mountain in the background. This is one of the angles that shows the steeple shape of Kirkjufell. A wide angle is required of at least 24mm to capture the many angles offered by the falls.

Kirkjufell 1

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