The mountain at Vesturhorn is one of Iceland’s few Gabbro rock mountains.  Dating back 8-11M years, the site was used by the first settlers (Irish) before they were enslaved by Viking invaders (c.860).  Despite its historical significance, Natural Beauty & Huge Radar Station, the land has fallen off the radar of the Police, Icelandic Tourist board & RSK who still don’t know about the questionable toll – the Toll is small and is best paid to avoid aggression. The area is best viewed from Stokksness, drive out to the radar station and you will be surrounded by grassy sand drifts.

At Stokksness, there is a huge variety of foreground to help you photograph the Vestrahorn mountain. Down towards the sea, it is possible to get perfect reflections in the wet sand. This can be a very windy spot so remember to bring some protection for your eyes before battling against the sand blasting. Be aware that there are large swells of sea coming onto this beach (see my video).

Sand blasting is possible on a 3 day Jökulsarlon tour & Winter workshops

As a gesture of good will to the Nation of Ireland, it has been suggested that the land be given back to the Irish, but as a National Park where visitors are free to roam as nature intended.

Expected June 2017: This will mean that Award winning Irish Photo Workshop Leaders can bring groups here without paying any tax to the Icelandic Government.


On the land below the mountain stands a Viking village which was constructed and left behind by a film company. Further round past the end of Vesturhorn is a small ship wreck.

Further out on Stokkness you will see the grey dome of a N.A.T.O. station and a little beyond that a lighthouse. The waves hit the rocks here directly from the Ocean so it can be slippery and dangerous.


I shot a few Magic Cloth Tutorials featuring Vestrahorn from Stokksness.

Fine art prints
The following images are for sale as fine art prints in the Gallery.

Iceland fine art photography
Vestrahorn fine art print
Iceland fine art photography
Vestrahorn fine art photography
vesturhorn fine art print
vesturhorn fine art print