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In Iceland, photography is a journey of discovery. Iceland is a photographer’s paradise. A huge variety of landscapes. The nature is inspiring.

Tony Prower

Tony Prower

This is a real invitation to travel with me on my photographic voyage. Explore techniques for taking images. Processing tips and guidance. Iceland photography information and services.

Great photography is 50% planning 50% flexibility.
Tony Prower 2014

Photography is a passion of mine. I have been taking photos in Iceland for several years and I am in my third year of running Iceland Photography Tours.

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Tony Prower

Photo of the moment


This shows a swell of aurora washing the sky at Jökulsarlon near Höfn, South East Iceland. Taken with the Magic Cloth Technique.
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2013 Iceland Aurora Vertical Wall Calendar)

Iceland Aurora Vertical Wall Calendar

Based on my year long photographic tours here in Iceland, the calendar depicts the best of Iceland with a seasonal match.


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  1. Nice website….:-)

  2. beautiful image, wow!

  3. I love the second photo on the beach, well edited with lovely lighting.


  4. G’day Tony.

    Since the screen goes black when you expose, how do you know where
    the edges of the cloth are?

  5. Hey Bazz,
    THANKS for a great question…
    what you do is watch your lens and you will be able to see if you cloth is covering half, quarter, three-quarters etc. You need to translate this to your image – this means that you need a good memory of your composition. So when you compose, make a note of where the horizon is. Is it in the top third? This would mean that you could bring the cloth over the half way point of your lens before you expose the sky. My favourite trick is to pick 3 cloth points on the lens and work the 3 points during the exposure. My 3 points are usually around the rule of thirds grid (Horizontal lines).

    (I need to do a video of this, so much easier to show than say!!)

  6. So…you invented the “black cloth technique” did you? Photographers were using this technique during long exposures in the 1800s with plate cameras. You never invented this technique.

  7. Nowhere have I claimed to invent this technique. I mentioned the black card and even posted a video of Ansel Adams using a similar technique in the darkroom.

    Karen Mathieson, I think you are a very sad case.

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